1st Line™ (OSCN)
Rebuild depleted immune systems & boost healthy ones
1st Line Thiocyanate Immune Support
One of the most popular and effective natural remedies available.

1st Line™ (OSCN)
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Quantity: 1st Line, Anti-Viral Nature’s first line of defense against infections
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  • Anti-Viral Nature’s first line of defense against infections

  • Harnesses the body’s natural bio-identical protection from attack

  • Fights influenza, colds, and infections like regular first-line antibiotics

  • Offers strong defense against viruses, yeasts and funghi
  • Easily activates immunity-boosting ions found naturally in the body: just add water

  • Attacks harmful bacteria without causing damage to our bodies’ healthy bacteria

1st Line (OSCN) – the safe and healthy alternative to antibiotics
Rebuild depleted immune systems or boost healthy ones with 1st Line Thiocyanate Immune Support — one of the most popular and effective natural home remedies available.

1st Line Description

1st Line is a specially developed supplement that allows molecules known as thiocyanates ions to be produced and swallowed with water as a virtually tasteless drink.
Thiocyanates are manufactured naturally in human saliva, tears, milk and airways / gut passages and they rapidly boost the body’s own natural defenses to attack and destroy all types of ‘invaders’ helping to reduce the body burdens that we all face from many types of bacteria, yeasts, flukes and viruses etc. Thiocyanates literally form the first line of immune defense in the body and thiocyanates are known to destroy all types of infections from the gram negative to the gram positive.
Furthermore, thiocyanates are also unique compared to antibiotics because they do not harm host tissues or probiotic species.
Unfortunately thiocyanates are short lived and there can be a shortage of their availability, particularly when we are under ‘attack.’ In the past it has been very difficult to consume thiocyanates ions because of their inherent instability, but that has now changed with the clever chemistry contained inside this 1st Line kit box (patent pending). 1st Line allows thiocyanate ions to be produced as required and provided that it is consumed soon after creation can flood the bloodstream with these natural infection fighters.

 The 1st Line kit is effective against a broad range of infections, many of which are not responsive to antibiotics. These include:

•    Campylobacter jejuni – one of the most common causes of human gastroenteritis worldwide;
•    Haemophilus influenzae – responsible for a wide range of diseases, including pneumonia, acute bacterial meningitis, cellulitis and osteomyelitis;
•    Candida albicans – which causes yeast infections such as thrush;
•    Herpes simplex virus;
•    Listeria monocytogenes – which causes listeriosis, a potentially fatal food poisoning;
•    Salmonella;
•    Streptococcus mutans – a bacterium which contributes to tooth decay.

 What is thiocyanate?

An alternative to antibiotics, thiocyanate is a group of ions found naturally in saliva, tears and milk that aid the immune system.
Until very recently, there was no way of isolating and storing thiocyanate ions for effective use at a later point.
British scientist, Dr Richard Steed, however, made a breakthrough that allowed the thiocyanate and 1st Line’s other active ingredient, hypothiocyannous, to be activated immediately prior to use.
By adding water to make a solution means that thiocyanate and hypothiocyannous can be used as part of a legitimate immune-boosting supplement.

 How is 1st Line Thiocyanate better than antibiotics?

The ions that are activated when a 1st Line Thiocyanate sachet is mixed with water have a much lower molecular weight than antibiotics.

•    The ions diffuse much further and faster throughout the affected tissue than the synthetically made compounds that are most common.
•    The ions kill a much wider range of damaging microbes, like fungi, without interacting with naturally beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria or lactobacilli, which our bodies have evolved to accommodate.
1st Line Thyiocyanate is a remarkable supplement, which is set to change the way we think about protecting our health from toxins.

 How to mix your 1st Line Kit

 1st Line Instructions

Into a 1 liter clean glass jug add 500 mL of water.
Add the contents of sachet ONE into the water. Stir well to ensure all the powder becomes wet.
Add the contents of bottle TWO into the water and stir well.
Add the contents of bottle THREE into the water and stir well.
Add the contents of bottle FOUR into the water and stir slowly for 3-minutes.
Allow the mix to stand for at least 20-minutes. During this time you will see some green/ brown colored material dropping to the bottom of the jug- this is normal.
Slowly pour the clear liquid into a glass and drink it, there is no need to drink the green/ brown colored mass at the bottom, although allowing some to be drunk will make no difference.
Dispose of the green/ brown mass from the jug into your toilet and also dispose of the bottles and sachet responsibly.

1st Line Dosage/ Use

Simply follow the instructions inside this box to mix the four ingredients one at a time into 400 to 450 millilitres of water and consume within 20-minutes of the final completion.
1st Line can be used regularly to boost immunity, such as once a month or once a quarter, (depending upon the need). 1st Line can also be taken as early as possible, (upon recognition of an infection) once a day until the symptoms have passed. Often it only requires 1 or 2 applications of 1st Line to eliminate or significantly reduce most common infection ailments.
Before you start read this notice:
The procedure requires you to handle chemicals (as described below), treat them sensibly and responsibly. Spillages must be cleaned up thoroughly. Children must not be allowed to play with any of the containers, empty or otherwise. Be patient! A few minutes will offer no advantages. The solid mass that collects at the bottom of the jug is harmless, so swallowing some or all will make no difference; it is also completely biodegradable and will not affect waste/ treatment systems. Mixing two or more ingredients at the same time or changing the order of the mix could destroy the efficacy of the kit- follow the instructions carefully. If you feel you need a second dose, wait until the following day before taking a second dose. Some people report feeling more unwell an hour or so following a dose, however this only lasts a short time before improvements are noted. If being taken for stomach upset, we recommend that the dose is followed by a course of non-dairy probiotics from the third day onward.

Supplement facts:

Serving Size: 1 serving in water (400-450 millilitres)

Ingredient                                             Amount Per Serving                                                    % Daily Value
Sodium Thiocyanate                                    100 ppm    *
Sodium Hypothiocyanate                             400 ppm    *

% Daily Value * not established (ppm = parts per million)

Hydrogen peroxide, poly aluminium chloride, lactoperoxidase and bentonite, (note that no hydrogen peroxide or aluminium is consumed as these converted by the enzymes in the manufacture of thiocynate ions).
Note: Keep in cool dark conditions, out of the reach of children and consume before end of expiry date. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Disclaimer: This product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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1st Line™ (OSCN)
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1st Line™ (OSCN)
Like a lot
Good supplement. Additives could be been avoided though. Helped a lot with resetting my circadian rhythms and regulating my wake up/sleep cycle. My pituitary gland seems to be working better now! Thank you! I believe in peptide supplements!!!



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