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Quantity: Advanced Anti-Aging
•Thermally Stabilized Oxaloacetate
•Energy Support
•Contains: 30 capsules

More Info

  • Advanced Anti-Aging

  • Energy Support

  • Vitamin C & Oxaloacetate
  • Increases Mitochondrial Density

  • Increases Activity Of Key Krebs Cycle
  • Increases Lifespan

  • Reduces Fat Levels
  • Healthy Glucose levels

  • Thermally Stabilized Oxaloacetate

benaGene™ - More Energy, More Health, More Life!

This formula is the most powerful than any other brand on market.

Oxaloacetate is an energy molecule critical to human metabolism and proper cellular function. This product provides additional oxaloacetate for your body.

More Energy

benaGene increases ATP production and increases Mitochondrial Density to provide energy on demand to effectively fuel your brain and body. The result is more cognitive focus, and more muscle endurance.

More Health

benaGene increases the activity of key Krebs cycle metabolites so your body runs more effectively. Healthy Glucose levels are stabilized, mitochondrial function is improved, and energy levels are increased. Better cellular function leads to better overall Health.

More Life

A powerful Anti-Aging supplement, benaGene has been shown to increase lifespan in laboratory animals by 25% (p<0.001). benaGene activates many of the same molecular pathways as calorie restriction, leading to beneficial genes being activated.

Suggested Use: Take one capsule daily with food or as directed by a qualified health practitioner.
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy and lactation. Keep out of reach of children.
Storage: For best Freshness and Potency, keep cool and dry.

What Doctors Say About benaGene

"I have examined the science behind benaGene, and I am very impressed. I take it, my wife takes it, and I give it to my dogs. In  my anti-aging practice, I recommend it as an essential part of any effective anti-aging regimen." -Mitchel Ghen, DO, Ph.D

"You can bet that I will be using benaGene in all my chronic condition patients who are not responding to the usual mantra of diet, exercise, hormones, detoxification and stress reduction." - Frank Shallenberger, MD

Natural Support

benaGene is a patented blend of Vitamin C and Oxaloacetate, natural compounds found in every cell of your body and the foods you eat. benaGene contains 100 times more oxaloacetate than is found in the typical diet. While you have probably heard of Vitamin C, oxaloacetate may be a new term for you. Oxaloacetate is a natural human metabolite critical for energy production.

benaGene supplies your body with additional oxaloacetate.

What Is It?

benaGene™ is stabilized oxaloacetic acid, and the world’s fi rst novel and natural Krebs cycle intermediate compound. Anyone who is interested in ways to slow down the aging process will want to consider taking benaGene. It may also help balance blood sugar levels in people with imbalances. benaGene is a perfect partner for resveratrol supplementation.

How Does It Work? Caloric restriction is the only method proven to extend human lifespan and healthspan. benaGene is a novel caloric restriction mimetic (CR mimetic), mimicking up to 98% of the changes in the genetic expression of over 350 genes in a similar fashion to caloric restriction. While human trials on the eff ects of benaGene on life extension have not been conducted, for ethical and logistic reasons, human clinical trials have confi rmed both reduction in glucose levels and an improved uptake of glucose without negative side eff ects. benaGene appears to down-regulate pathways that create and store fat. Mitochondrial and cellular DNA damage is also thought to exacerbate aging, and benaGene both protects and repairs DNA.

Why should I take benaGene™?
There are several reasons:

1) Within the last five years, there have been several studies by major universities documenting that an increase in the NAD+/NADH ratio results in statistically significant increases in lifespan and health-span in laboratory animals. Equally as exciting, this same increase in the NAD+/NADH ratio has also been shown to increase individual human cell lifespan in vitro. benaGene is a bio-identical human metabolite that increases the NAD+/NADH ratio, and has been proven to result in > 20% increase in lifespan in laboratory animals (p < 0.001). Health-span of the animals is also remarkably increased.

2) Clinical trials using 3C3O have documented significant glucose level reductions in diabetic patients. A separate study in non-diabetic patients documented a reduction in the amplitude of glucose swings, allowing better overall blood sugar management. No negative side effects were reported. Although benaGene lowers high glucose levels, it does not cause hypoglycemia (abnormally low glucose levels) in non-diabetic patients.

3) 3C3O is a powerful anti-oxidant, and has been shown to protect neurological tissue, pancreatic tissue and eye tissue.

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