CAN-C Plus Tablets 6 Boxes
Designed for use with Can-C Eye Drops.
Powerful oral supplement for eye.

Can-C Plus Tablets 6 Boxes
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This combo pack includes:
•Six Boxes of Can-C Plus
•Each Box contains 90 tablets
•Designed for use with Can-C Eye Drops
•Includes 150 IU of vitamin E
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  • Can-C Plus Specifically designed for use with Can-C Eye Drops 

  • Can-C Plus Includes 150 IU of vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate)

  • Can C Plus Developed by Innovative Vision Products (IVP - The inventors of Can-C Eye Drops)


Can-C Plus is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to complement the Can-C Carnosine Eye Drops. IVP, Innovative Vision Products, formulated both products to work together.

Can-C Plus™ the NEW powerful oral supplement for eye
The inventors of Can C have now developed this new eye formula, to further enhance already highly effective Can-C eye drops.

Can-C Plus is a dietary supplement specifically formulated to complement the Can-C Carnosine Eye Drops. IVP, Innovative Vision Products, formulated both products to work together

Can-C Plus supplements are highly recommended to people who want to experience the maximum benefit possible of Can-C eye drops.

Therefore, for best eye results, combine synergistic effects of both Can-C eye drops and Can-C Plus tablets.

Can-C Plus recommend for those who:

Want the maximum benefit from day one and thus take 1 capsule of Can-C Plus two or three times daily along with the Can-C eye-drops.

This will give the best environment for the eye-drops and thus to give the best results they can achieve within 5 to 6 months.

Or those who are budget conscious can extend the efficiency of the eye-drops by adding the tablets to the regime after 5-months of applying the eye-drops by themselves first.

Can-C Plus recommended usage:
For maximum benefit take one Can-C Plus tablet  three times daily or as directed by a medical health professional

What are the Can-C Plus benefits?
Synergistic combination of ingredients in Can C eye drops and Can C Plus tablets makes both the drops and the tablets even more beneficial to the eyes.

When taken consistently with Can-C eye drops, Can-C Plus™ increases the length of time that the Can-C™ eye drops remain active in the eye.

Can-C Plus™ has been made available as a complimentary supplement for those who want to maximize their effort with the use of Can-C eye drops.

Does Can-C Plus have other benefits?
Can-C Plus tablets are made with N-acetylcysteine as the main ingredient. N-acetylcysteine is a natural and powerful antioxidant that can fight against many eye related disorders.

It is an antioxidant that has been formulated to be used with Can-C eye drops to help support their effectiveness and efficacy.

CAN-C Plus Tablets
Designed for use with Can-C Eye Drops.
Powerful oral supplement for eye.
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Can-C Plus Tablets 6 Boxes
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Can-C Plus Tablets 6 Boxes
CAN-C Plus Capsules 6 Boxes
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