Curasol Sunscreen SPF 35+
Broad Spectrum Ultimate Protection

Curasol Sunscreen SPF 35+ 100ml
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Quantity: •Contains 100ml
•Extremely easy to use
•Contains BEC, Vitamin E, Tamanu Oil, Manuka Honey

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  • Protects skin from the prime sources of wrinkles and skin aging while keeping the skin conditioned and healthy

  • Provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB radiation

  • Plus vitamin E to scavenge any free radicals

  • Contains Tamanu oil which has potent natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties

  • Also contains Manuka honey which also has natural anti-microbial properties

  • A broad spectrum sunscreen which disallows UVB and UVA from penetrating the skin.

  • A sunscreen with high sun protection factor (SPF) of 35+

  • A sunscreen that contains antioxidants which combat free-radical formation.

  • The only sunscreen that contains  ingredient "BEC"

  • BEC5 (the active ingredient in Curaderm)

A sunscreen with SPF 30+ (CURASOL BEC) has been developed that contains the anticancer BEC and anti-free-radicals components.

Instructions: Apply Curasol BEC Sunscreen SPF 35+ to dry skin approximately 30 minutes prior to exposure to the sun. While this sunscreen is water resistant, it is advisable to reapply to dry skin after swimming and/or exercise. Apply at 3 hourly intervals or as required.

Ingredients: 1g Contains; Octyl-methoxy cinnamate 75mg, Benzophenone 40mg, Titanium dioxide 14mg, Solasodine glycosides (BEC), Vitamin E, Tamanu oil, Manuka honey.
Presentation and Pack: Cream, 100 mL
For external use only

The Current Status

In light of the shortcomings of today’s sunscreens, new approaches must be adhered too.

The ideal sunscreen would completely block the UV rays that cause sunburn, prevent immune suppression and damaging free radicals but not affect vitamin D production.  The UV absorber or UV blocker ingredients should be safe and the sunscreen should remain effective on the skin for several hours and not form harmful ingredients when degraded by UV light.
There is currently no sunscreen that meets all of these criteria.  Today’s sunscreens give false sense of security and consequently people, when using the inadequate current sunscreens, remain longer in the sun. The uncertainties of safety and efficacy of sunscreens have necessitated the development of a sunscreen that attempts to minimize the negative effects of current sunscreens.



The uncertainties of safety and efficacy of sunscreens have necessitated the development of a sunscreen that attempts to minimize the questionable negative effects of most current sunscreens.
Curasol BECis:
            •a broadspectrum sunscreen which disallows UVB and UVA from prenetrating the skin.
            •a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) of 30+
            •a sunscreen that contains antioxidants which combat free-radical formation. 
            •the only sunscreen that contains ingredient BEC


The Unsatisfactory Situation and the Challenge

Sunlight and skin cancer
• Skin cancer is more prevalent than all other cancers put together.
• More than 2 million Americans develop skin cancers each year. Some 40 to 50% of Americans and at least 1 in 2 Australians who live to the age of 65 will be diagnosed with skin cancer.
• The incidence of skin cancer is increasing at alarming rates.
• Every major public health authority – the FDA, National Cancer Institute and International Agency for Research on Cancer – has concluded that sunscreens alone do not reduce the rate of skin cancer.
• There is no strong evidence that sunscreen use prevents skin cancer as shown by independent researchers.
• Sunscreen users are at increased risk of melanoma. Higher, not lower, incidence of melanoma occurs among frequent sunscreen users.
• There’s no proof that sunscreens prevent most skin cancers.
• The etiologies (causes) of non melanoma versus melanoma skin cancers appear to be different.
• Vitamin D produced by the skin with the help of the sun’s UV can reduce the risk of melanoma and other types of cancer.
• High-energy UVB rays burn skin and directly damage skin DNA.
• UVA radiation penetrates deeper into the body than UVB and can cause a different type of DNA damage than UVB. UVA also causes premature wrinkling and signs of ageing.
• SPF rating describes the product’s ability to prevent burning and not a rating to prevent skin cancers.
• In addition, almost all widely used sunscreens contain ingredients that actually cause cancers.

Curasol SPF 35+
Broad Spectrum Ultimate Protection
Price: $38.00

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Curasol Sunscreen SPF 35+ 100ml
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Curasol Sunscreen SPF 35+ 100ml
Great protection
I have not used the sunscreen much as I want to keep it for my holiday in Florida in a few days but it has protected me well the two or three times that I used it at the beach.
I will order again as I will be in hot south east Asia by the end of the year.



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