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Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical/ published results.

If I am pregnant can I take it?
If you are pregnant always consult with your doctor before taking anything. It is known to eastern medicine that red ginseng is good for the pregnant mother and infant.

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When is the best time to take ginseng?
It doesn't matter whether you eat it on an empty or full stomach. It will absorb better on an empty stomach but if you’re uncomfortable with it, you can always eat it after meals.

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How much should I take it? How long?
It is safe to take even with 10 or more doses today because its fundamental effect is to bring you into balance. As a whole food, GinST 15 enzyme fermented ginseng should be taken daily on an ongoing basis.

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How will it affect my sleep?
Most people experience a great improvement in sleep. Stress overload is often related to difficulties in sleep. GinST 15 is very effective to help your mind and body manage stress.

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Are there any side effects? How will it affect my blood pressure?
There are no known negative side effects with GinST 15.  Always consult your doctor. Full balanced ginseng has been shown to support maintaining blood pressure at normal healthy levels with prolonged use. When people have high blood pressure it is recommended that they begin with lower dosages in the beginning and gradually ramp up.

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Will it give me energy?
Most people feel a unique experience of smooth energy. GinST 15 is a fully balanced enzyme fermented ginseng, therefore it is not over stimulating. It is known to increase energy and stamina while having a soothing effect on the nervous system.

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Is it possible to detox and get a reaction?
Yes. GinST 15 is very helpful to your body to remove toxins. However, ginseng monopreparations have been shown to be remarkable safe and non toxic even with high dosages.

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Can I take Ginst 15 with my other vitamins and minerals?
Yes. GinST 15 is an enzyme fermented ginseng which works to bring your body into homeostatic balance so it works synergistically with other supplements. We recommend taking it by itself so you can more directly and specifically experience the benefits of what GinSt 15 brings to you and your unique set of health circumstances.

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Can I take Ginst 15 with my Doctor prescribed medications?
Yes, but do not take your GinST 15 at the same time you take your medications. Take it 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after you take your medication. Ginseng is very liver supportive so there will be a tendency for you to have an increased uptake of your drugs. Working with their physicians many people have been able to reduce and sometimes eliminate their pharmaceutical drugs as they experience balance.

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What is Stress?
Is it good or bad?The stress response is part of our human design to function at an optimal level when needed. It is a vital warning system called “the fight-or-flight” response, created when a stressful circumstance is perceived. Under stress, the brain floods the body with chemicals known as the “stress hormones”: adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine. These create an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and heightened alertness helping to create
a laser-like focus and an increase in energy and strength.

Sounds good right? Then why does stress have such a bad rap? Why is there a growing consensus among health care professionals about the severe health impact of stress?
They are saying that stress creates adrenal exhaustion and prolonged elevated cortisol levels, which may be the core driver of most of the major health challenges people experience. ANSWER: Our body is designed to return to a balanced state following the stress response. The problem is stress overload.
Regeneration Potential of our BodyDid you know that our body is designed to regenerate?
Our body is not designed to simply decay as we age. WHAT? Yes, it is true. The human body creates over 300 billion new cells every day we live! As we breathe in and out, cell renewal is occurring. We will naturally slow down as we age, but we also regenerate every day. However, the body needs homeostatic balance to recover from stress and maintain its remarkable regenerative capacity.

What causes the breakdown that we experience?
Constant recurring stressOur modern civilization has created a stress overload. Our bodies are overwhelmed by ongoing emotional, physical, toxic chemical and environment stressors. As a result the stress is unrelenting and creates tremendous imbalances and breakdown.

How do we experience stress overload?
The symptoms experienced relating to stress overload can be generally divided into 4 types. They initially are experienced in order, and as adrenal exhaustion and elevated cortisol develop they are often experienced concurrently.
1. Shortened temper and irritability
2. Anxiety and forgetfulness
3. Mental fogginess
4. Exhaustion
These symptoms lead to metabolic imbalance, digestive issues, cardiovascular issues, blood sugar issues and immune dysfunction.
What can we do? Our bodies need to find homeostatic balance on a daily basis. There are a number of things that can be done.GinST 1S patented enzyme fermented ginseng is the world’s most powerful fully balanced adaptogen. It brings the body into homeostatic balance to resist and manage stress.

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Why should I use Ginseng?
Ginseng has been known to help relieve adverse effects of stress and fatigue. It has also been considered especially helpful to the immune system in cases of fevers or infectious disease accompanied with a fever.
Ginseng is also well noted for being a mild aphrodisiac and a reputation for improving memory, enhance learning, boosting productivity, increasing physical performance, augmentiing stamina and bolstering the function of the immune system.

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