Gotratix® 60 capsules
The muscle peptide bio-regulator.
Biologically active food supplement

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Quantity: One pack Contains 60 capsules
•Biologically active food supplement

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  • Gotratix® is the muscle peptide bioregulator.

  • Helps keep the muscles working at optimum levels

  • Efficient in decreasing muscle fatigue under physical activity

  • Serves the same role as peptide bio-regulators developed naturally in the body

Gotratix® - The muscle peptide bioregulator.
New Russian peptide revolution

Gotratix is a dietary supplement with natural muscle peptides. It normalizes the function of the muscles by reducing their peptide deficiency and restoring protein synthesis inside their cells.
Muscles start withering and weakening around age 40. The process of muscle loss accelerates after 75 and often leads to disability. Muscle health is also key to successful athletic performance, so it should not be neglected.
Gotratix is recommended for everyone whose muscles may be compromised, especially elderly people and athletes.

Gotratix® may be combined with Vladonix®, Sigumir®, Ventfort® and Cerluten® Natural Peptides.

Presentation and Pack: Produced in capsules 0.2g each. One pack contains 60 capsules
Ingredients (per 1 capsule): micro crystalline cellulose (E460); beet sugar; sugar; lactose; starch; peptide complex A-18 ( extract from the triandularis of calves under 12 months or pigs); twin-80

Daily dose contains: (2 capsules), 20mg of peptide complex A-18 ( muscle peptide)
Contraindications: an individual tolerance of components, pregnancy, lactation
Storage conditions: keep in dry dark place under temperature from +2°C to +25°C
Shelf Life: 5 years from the date of production

Recommendations for application: adult men 1-2 capsules. 1-2 times a day during meals.

Receiving duration: one month

Peptide Bio-regulators, gene switches that could replace stem cells!
This former Russian military secret is now available to the public!

Russian peptide technology was founded during the Cold War years- to help protect elements of the then Soviet forces.

Today Professor Vladimir Khavinson is the President of the European Academy of Gerontology and Geriatrics, but in the 1980’s he was a Colonel in the Soviet Union military medical corps. At the time, he and his team were approached by Kremlin officials, they wanted them to find a way to protect their troops from a myriad of problems; issues such as radiation for submariners in nuclear submarines to troops that may be blinded from known, (but thankfully unused) new weapons such as battlefield lasers.

What their secret research uncovered - that was used for two decades on many thousands of men and women - was a remarkable link between short chain peptides and DNA.

Now their published research is in the open and it identifies that each organ / gland / tissue uses a highly specific short chain peptide to act as a ‘short cut’ to initiate protein synthesis. These peptides can be found in food and unlike proteins they can enter the blood through the stomach. Through a comprehensive list of patents and even copyrighted PowerPoint slides, the Russian research group are showing that each of the concentrated peptide bioregulators so far examined interact with particular strands of DNA - effectively and very specifically activating repair and regenerative processes.

This is a remarkable story since what we are describing here are individualised gene switches and since they have been tested for many years on thousands of individuals, without report of any serious side effects or contraindications to date, they could be set to ‘out do’ stem cells. Why? Because this peptide therapy is relatively cheap, highly specific, can be taken orally and doesn’t require any suppression of the immune system to operate fully.

Professor Khavinson and his award winning team at the St Petersburg Institute of Biogerontology have discovered that each organ / gland has a biological reserve and despite the origin of the tissue they have studied, incredibly each one is always set at 42%

Even dosing doesn’t need to be daily, these peptide bioregulators have been shown to act even after a simple course of 2 capsules daily for 10-days. Healthy individuals only being encouraged to repeat the course 6-months later, although of course depending on the need this course can be repeated every 3-months, 2-months or 1-month if necessary. But compared to a hormone replacement therapy this is interesting, since hormones would require almost daily application. But these peptide bioregulators aren’t hormones, they are acting on the gland concerned to ‘encourage’ it to become active and effectively ‘younger’ by triggering / activating the DNA responsible.

What is a peptide bioregulator?
A peptide is a short chain of amino acids, identified by the fact that it is shorter than a protein, and so can be absorbed easily via the digestive system. Each organ or bodily function has its own unique peptide bioregulator.
Peptide bioregulators have been shown to shortcut the protein synthesis process by interacting directly with cell DNA – meaning that organs can build and repair tissues easier and quicker when peptide bioregulators are active.

What does the muscle peptide Gotratix® do?
The Gotratix® peptide regulates the metabolism processes in muscular cells, improves their safety margin and has a favorable effect on adaptive capabilities in extreme conditions; it also has antioxidant properties and helps to regulate the peroxidation processes in the muscular tissues. Thus, it can be expected that Gotratix® is an effective means to restore the function of muscles under intense physical load, like those involved in sports.
It is commonly known that various means and methods of pharmacological and more recent genetic correction, can be used to improve the physical performance capability of athletes and their adaptation to increased physical and psycho-emotional loads, (Seyfulla, 1999; Yakimov, 2001). Irrefutably evident is the fact, that athletes using banned pharmaceutical products, cannot maintain stable high competition for a long time, because they have physiological failures at the high loads, (Semenov et al., 2002). The risk is made worse because of many new stimulators, whose doping effect is disguised by different food and vitamin additives, (Mikhailov, 2006).
Therefore this is not only an issue of the early detection of the negative consequences of administration of modern doping substances, but also the need to develop methods for the bioregulation of physiological reserves for high-qualification athletes; to help create effective prevention of physical de-adaptation in their training cycles.
Furthermore, maintaining the spare capacity of the muscular system is also a problem for people who do moderate physical exercise and especially for older individuals who may be developing sarcopenia.
A clinical study of Gotratix® peptide efficiency was carried out at the Medical center of Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology between April till November 2011. The study included 37 veterans of sport aged between 40 and 65 years, including 19 men and 8 women who specialized in rowing and track-and-field athletics. Those examined in the control group (17 persons), had been training under a general program. Athletes in the treated group (20 persons), in addition to basic training also took Gotratix® at 2 capsules twice daily (at mealtimes) for 30 days.
It was established that the application of Gotratix® resulted in the improvement of the general condition of the patients in the treated group over the controls. All treated patients noticed an increase in their physical efficiency. The parameters of speed and force for dynamometry and standing long-jump were significantly higher in the treated group when compared to the controls. Step-test and dorsal spine mobility parameters in the persons examined, taking Gotratix®, were also improved over the controls.

What combination of peptides should i take?
According to Prof. Vladimir Khavinson, the president of European Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the first class combination consists of Endoluten (Neuro-endocrine system), Vladonix (Immune system), Cerluten (Brain), Sigumir (Joints and Bones), Svetinorm (Liver) and Ventfort (Blood vessels) for one or two months twice a year. Endoluten and Vladonix are the two most important geroprotector that are able to extend life by 30-40%.

Here are some general recommendations:

Natural Peptides Combinations

• Digestive System: A-7 Svetinorm A-1 Suprefort A-10 Stamakort

• Cardiovascular system: A-3 Ventfort A-14 Chelochart A-6 Vladonix

• Central nervous system:    A-5 Cerluten A-3 Ventfort  A-7 Svetinorm

• Immune system:    A-8 Endoluten A-6 Vladonix®  A-3 Ventfort

• Locomotor apparatus:    A-4 Sigumir A-3 Ventfort A-6 Vladonix A-21 Bonothyrk

• Carbohydrate metabolism disorders:    A-1 Suprefort A-3 Ventfort

• Lipoprotein metabolism disorders:    A-7 Svetinorm A-1 Suprefort A-3 Ventfort

• Thyroid gland:    A-2 Thyreogen A-3 Ventfort

• Adverse factors (chemotherapy, long-term ionizing irradiation):   A-6 Vladonix A-7 Svetinorm A-8 Endoluten  A-20 Bonomarlot

• Adverse factors (professional or psychoemotional stress):   A-6 Vladonix A-8 Endoluten A-17 Glandokort

• Visual organ:    A-11 Visoluten A-5 Cerluten A-3 Ventfort

• Urinary excretory system:    A-6 Vladonix A-12 Chitomur A-9 Pielotax

• Male reproductive system:    A-13 Testoluten A-16 Libidon A-17 Glandokort

• Female reproductive system:    A-15 Zhenoluten A-2 Thyreogen A-3 Ventfort

• Respiratory system:    A-6 Vladonix A-19 Taxorest A-3 Ventfort

• Intensive physical activity:    A-6 Vladonix A-4 Sigumir A-3 Ventfort A-18 Gotratix A-5 Cerluten

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