BEC5 Curaderm Cream.


Curaderm BEC5 was discovered and developed by Professor Dr. Bill Cham. Curaderm is the only scientifically proven topical cream with indications to regress and treat non-melanoma skin cancers.

Curaderm BEC5 has achieved astounding success in Pre-Clinical and Phase I – IV Double Blind Randomised Vehicle Controlled Human Clinical Trials. It should be noted that Curaderm has a superb safety and efficacy rating.

Curaderm BEC5 is recognized and clinically approved to regress sunspots, keratosis, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinomas.

“Dr. Cham has discovered, and then thoroughly researched and developed a near-perfect product for two common skin cancers. If anyone deserves a Nobel Prize in Medicine, it’s Dr. Bill E. Cham.” — Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. Medical Director, Tahoma Clinic, Renton, Washington, USA

“People, like Dr Cham, are an endangered species in this day and age. On his own time, using his own money, he has developed a product that could benefit millions of people around the world. Curaderm is one of those rare gems I have been lucky enough to find in my research. With all the conventional therapies, scarring almost always results. This can be especially disturbing in facial cancers. In many cases, plastic surgery is necessary to reduce scarring and disfigurement. With Curaderm these problems don’t exist. The only cells affected are the cancer cells.” —Dr. David G Williams M.D. Editor: Alternatives

Since 1979 Curaderm-BEC5 has been performing ongoing research and clinical success with the the core technology which is a unique class of naturally occurring compounds.

*While non melanoma skin cancers both have a better than 95% cure rate, if detected and treated early, treatment is typically disfiguring.

*Specific endogenous endocytic lectins (EELs) were found to be present at much higher concentrations in cancer cells relative to normal cells.

*These EELs were present on the cell surface as receptors which recognized and bound the sugar moiety, in particular the rhamnose sugar (1990).

*BEC was subsequently internalized in the cancer cell and became lysosomotropic and consequently autolysis occurred.

*The disintegrated lysosome resulted in apoptosis of the affected cancer cells.

*BEC was also shown to induce cell apoptosis by modulating tissue necrosis factor (TNF) (2004).

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Curaderm BEC5 is the only scientifically verified topical cream.

The cream works exceedingly well with non-melanoma skin cancers such as squamous cell and basal cell which are the common varieties. One advantage is that the cancer ‘melts away’ leaving normal skin with no scarring. Skin cancer involving the lip is an excellent case for the cream since surgery can be disfiguring, while the BEC5 skin cream allows a smoothly healed result.
Non-melanoma skin cancer can be conveniently and effectively treated by Bec5 cream which is also known as Curaderm. Externally and topically applied, Curaderm cream is an eggplant skin cancer cure which is especially potent when applied to Basal cell carcinomas.
Containing a specially purified plant extract, not only is Curaderm glycoalkaloid cream effective on Basal cell carcinomas ( BCC ) or Squamous cell carcinomas ( SCC ) – the most common forms of skin cancer - but Bec5 eggplant extract also works on benign tumours like sun spots, age spots, Keratoses and Keratocanthmoas.
Derived from the plant Solanum Sodomaeum which is found in Australasia, the plant contains an important eggplant extract for skin cancer – Solasodine Glycosides – an active ingredient which is also found in smaller quantities in the eggplant and aubergine. Solasodine Glycosides has been found extremely effective in treating skin for cancerous conditions and is therefore incorporated into Bec 5 curaderm cream - a well known age spots cream and sun spot cream – to treat the effects and source of skin cancer. 

BEC 5 eggplant cream to Regress Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

It is estimated that over 80,000 people have used Bec5 cream and the number is growing as more people turn to non-invasive treatment. Clinical trials conducted in Australia and Great Britain have examined and confirmed Bec5’s ability to treat and regress non-melanoma skin cancers.


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 The figure above shows

A) The clinical diagnosis of a BCC on the nose of a patient before treatment with BEC-5

B) During therapy and

C) the site of the treated BCC after completion of therapy.

The figure above shows a large BCC on the temple. This BCC had been surgically removed and skin grafts applied on two previous occasions, only to return. Just four weeks treatment with BEC5 resulted in full regression and no recurrence after 5-years. Note the cosmetic result.

In one study, across 72 patients, treatment with BEC5 cream resulted in the regression of all treated lesions (56 actinic keratoses, 39 BCCs and 29 SCCs), with 100% healed after 1 to 13 weeks of treatment with curaderm topical cream.

Recent trials in 10 UK hospitals found that a twice daily topical application of BEC5 cream to the affected areas gave a complete remission to 78% of the patients within 8-weeks. The remaining 22% of patients had also improved but needed a marginally longer treatment time of 13 weeks. All this was facilitated without chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, and Bec5 curaderm side effects were limited to a slight reddening of the skin.

Dermatologists Royal London Hospital have cited Bec5’s efficacy as ‘safe and effective’ and ‘an ideal therapy for outpatient treatment.’ This is down to Bec 5 Curaderm cream’s versatility and cost effectiveness. About 95% of skin cancer is not a Melanoma form, and using a cream containing eggplant for skin cancer instead of costly and invasive operations, is highly practical for both secondary and primary skin cancer.

Bec 5 Curaderm Cream great results for BCC skin cancer

Histological studies and analysis of biopsies taken before courses of Bec 5 Curaderm cream show the continued value and efficiency at treating skin cancer. During and after treatment the associated lesions did not return for at least 5 years after cessation of this therapy.
Bec 5 - Curaderm has also proved effective after surgery that fails to remove Basal cell carcinomas (BCC), even after skin grafts on the affected area. In one case, just four weeks treatment with BEC5 resulted in full regression and no recurrence after 5-years.
Bec 5 - Curaderm has also proved effective after surgery that fails to remove Basal cell carcinomas (BCC), even after skin grafts on the affected area. In one case, just four weeks treatment with BEC5 resulted in full regression and no recurrence after 5-years, making it one of the most effective creams that can be used on bcc cancer.

The Egg Plant Extract at the Core of the Treatment

The active ingredient Solasodine Glyosides in BEC5 works because it contains a plant sugar called rhamnose – a naturally occurring deoxy sugar. Specific sugar binding lectins are present in the plasma membranes of susceptible cancer cells, but not in normal cells. Therefore BEC5 recognizes and binds the sugar rhamnose of the glycoalkaloid – the active cancer cell killing.

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