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Synthesized Peptide Complex

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•Synthesized Peptide Complex

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  • Ovagen Synthesized Liver Peptide

  • Normalizes the function of the liver

  • Reducing peptide deficiency

Ovagen - Synthesized Liver Peptide

Ovagen is a dietary supplement with а synthesized liver peptide. It normalizes the function of the liver by reducing its peptide deficiency and restoring protein synthesis inside its cells.

Ovagen is recommended for everyone whose liver may be compromised, especially elderly people and those with metabolic disorders, skin diseases, hepatitis, intoxication, liver failure, biliary dyskinesia, cirrhosis or complications from radiotherapy, chemotherapy or long-term antibiotic therapy.

Ovagen can be easily combined with other supplements and medicines and should be used in addition to conventional medical treatments. 

Biologically active food supplement Ovagen is a peptide complex containing the following amino acids: glutamine, asparagine and leucine, which normalize the functions of liver cells.
Ovagen is manufactured in the form of tablets or capsules, each containing 0.100 mg of an active substance.
Experimental studies in the liver organotypic tissue culture have shown, that the peptide complex is capable of stimulating proliferative and functional activity of main cellular elements of the tissue culture, of reducing spontaneous cell death rate, of enhancing regenerative-adaptive processes in proliferating and differentiating cells. It exerts trophic and stabilizing effects on morphological integrity and tissue regeneration of the liver, thus improving its functions.
Pre-clinical evaluation of biological effects of Ovagen has demonstrated, that its administration not only improves certain parameters of cellular and tissue homeostasis in liver cells, but also normalizes the functions of the digestive system as a whole, which are disordered under the influence of stress, adverse environmental factors, development of age-related pathology.
The number of patients with chronic liver lesions keeps on growing, this problem being widespread essentially among people in their working age. The increase in disease occurrence largely relates to adverse social and environmental factors.
Clinical trials were conducted on 106 patients with chronic hepatitis and cancer patients subjected to chemotherapy treatment, including 60 men and 46 women aged from 35 to 68 years (Table 3). The duration of the disease ranged from 3 to10 years. Patients of the main group (68 persons) received 2 capsules of Ovagen 2 times a day during meals, for 20 days, in addition to the conventional treatment. The control group consisted of 38 patients with similar health problems, and they received only conventional remedies.

Table 3

The majority of patients complained of pains in the right hypochondrium, general weakness and rapid fatigability, 73% of patients suffered dуspeptical disturbances. 53% of patients revealed hyperbilirubinemia, high alanine aminotransferase level, increased globulin fraction of blood protein, mainly due to IgM fraction, which points out certain activity of chronic inflammatory process.
Patients’ complaints were estimated subjectively in dynamics, as well as by clinical blood and urine examination, blood biochemistry and immunity tests (immunoglobulins identification by Mancini). Ultrasound liver examination was also performed.
The majority of patients reported the absence of weakness, good appetite and increased working capacity after treatment with Ovagen. The intensity of pain syndrome essentially decreased in 53% of cases.
Cancer patients noted subjectively the improvement of general state, as well as decreased weakness and intensity of dyspeptical disturbances.    

Table 4

In the evaluation of Ovagen effectiveness special attention was paid to the results of biochemical studies, characterizing such liver functions as aminotransferase activity, pigmentary and protein producing performance.
After the completion of Ovagen administration, the majority of patients showed stabilization of biochemical indices: levels of bilirubin and alanine aminotransferase (table 4). Peripheral blood immunoglobulins, being the essential criterion of inflammatory process, showed a decreased level of IgM after Ovagen treatment (Table 5).
Thus, obtained results of clinical trials evidence hepatoprotective properties of Ovagen and expediency of its application in the complex treatment of acute and chronic liver lesions, for cancer patients exposed to radio- and chemotherapy, as well as for the prevention of liver diseases and their complications.

Table 5

Ingredients (per 1 capsule): peptide AC-3 (leucine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid). Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose (E460), beetroot sugar, lactose, starch, Tween-80.
Contraindications: an individual tolerance of components, pregnancy, lactation

Recommendations for application: adult men 1-2 capsules. 1-2 times a day during meals.

Receiving duration: one month, repeat every 4-6 months.


The Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology (SPIBG) of the North-Western Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences for years has been developing a special approach to a new class of peptide-based supplements. As a result of the analysis of the amino-acidic sequence of peptides extracted from organs and tissues, physiologically active short peptides have been developed and later defined as a class of cytogenes, also known as the synthesized short peptides. This class of dietary supplements is characterized by a faster action compared to extracts: the physiological effects become evident after 24 hours, the main processes related to regulating work and functionality of organs and systems are launched. It is therefore considered highly important to take these synthetic peptides in the earliest stage of biotherapy.

On the other hand, the extracted peptides, widely known as the cytomax class, or the natural peptides, perform in a more delicate and gradual manner due to their so called specific physiological environment: it includes amino acids and microelements typical for that type of tissue from which they have been extracted in terms of quantity and quality. As a consequence of discrepancy in performance and effects of the different classes of peptides (synthesized or natural), SPIBG recommends their step-wise use as more reasonable. For instance, in the first four weeks a course of synthetic peptides can be taken, followed by one to two months of biotherapy based on natural peptides.

Synthesized Peptides Combinations


• Vascular system: VESUGEN CRYSTAGEN

• Central nervous system:    PINEALON VESUGEN OVAGEN

• Respiratory system:    CHONLUTEN CRYSTAGEN VESUGEN


• Locomotor apparatus:    CARTALAX VESUGEN CRYSTAGEN

• Adverse factors (radio - and chemotherapy, long-term ionizing irradiation, psychoemotional stress):    VESUGEN OVAGEN CHONLUTEN

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