Shipping & Handling

Vita STREAM will ship the product after accepting payment, according to the option chosen by the Buyer upon checkout.

Vita Stream reserves the discretion to alter methods of shipments or to refuse Orders.

1. USPS First-Class Mail® is a fast and affordable service for packages weighing up to 13 oz. Delivery is in 6-10 business days most U.S. addresses.

2. USPS Priority Mail® service is a great choice for shipping packages delivery in about 2-3 business days most U.S. addresses.

3. USPS Express Mail® is fastest service for shipping packages delivery in about 1-2 business days to most U.S. addresses. Includes signature proof of delivery and delivery status information with the Track & Confirm tool.

4. USPS First Class Mail® International: This service is a 1st class international standard airmail shipment. Typically, delivery time is 12-14 business days  after shipping; however delivery time varies by destination.

5. USPS Priority Mail® International: This service typically has a delivery time of 8-10 business days after shipping, and includes delivery status information with the Track & Confirm tool.

6. USPS Express Mail® International: This service gives you fast international delivery to more than 190 countries. Typically delivery is 5 to 7 business days. Includes delivery status information with the Track & Confirm tool. 

Vita Stream will not be held responsible for any losses in the mail, unless the Buyer requested and purchased a registered service such as Insurance, or Signature Proof of Delivery. However, the Buyer must allow a period of 21 business days after the shipping date as indicated on the Shipment Note. In the event of a claim under the registered service, an officially confirmed mailing loss will result in the Products being shipped for a second and final time. The tracking process by the registered service could take several weeks.(see the terms and conditions)

Please note : Vita-Stream is not responsible for any import taxes, custom charges, fees or VATs. The BUYER is responsible for charges imposed by her/his country. It is the buyer's responsibility to know about their specific country's import laws and customs/duties. International customers are responsible for their own tariffs and taxes.


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