TA-65 100units 30 Capsules
Cell Rejuvenates
Telomerase Activation Technology

TA-65 (100 Units) 30 Capsules
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Quantity: •Contains 30 capsules
•TA-65 Cell Rejuvenates
•Helps Prevent DNA Damage

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  • Lengthens Short Telomeres

  • Helps Prevent DNA Damage

  • Cell Rejuvenates

  • Energy and Stamina

  • Vision improvements

  • Increased Hair Growth

  • Rejuvenated Skin

  • Improved Wound Healing

  • Improved Sexual Performance

  • Improved Memory and Mental Ability

  • Rejuvenates Aging Immune Systems

  • Reduced Lipid Accumulation in the Liver

  • Increases Bone Density and Joint Flexibility

  • Improved Glucose Absorption and Insulin Tolerance

  • Improves Biomarkers that Decline with Age


Telomerase Activation technology for non-prescription nutraceutical and cosmeceutical use. After 5 years of development and safety testing, he started T.A Sciences to provide the public with groundbreaking telomerase activation technology through his product TA-65®.


The TA-65 100 Units was made for those who would like to use it as a starter kit or for those who could not afford to purchase the larger bottles and would like to try a lower dose. The larger bottles have 250 Units of TA-65, while the TA-65 100 Unit has less of the special telomerase activation ingredient, and thus is less effective.

We do not recommend the 250 Units users to switch to lower doses as the benefits will diminish. We recommend the 250 Units capsules for daily maintenance regimen and cost savings, for best results achieved with 500 to 1000 Units/day (2-4 capsules/day).

TA-65® is a proven telomerase activator* that was originally discovered and patented by California biotech company Geron. Our clients take TA-65 capsules as part of a daily health regiment. TA-65 turns on the hTERT gene* which activates the enzyme telomerase which can lengthen your telomeres.  You can be tested to measure your telomeres before, during and after taking TA-65 to show actual changes in telomere length.

TA-65® is the only proven telomerase activator on the market. It is a single small organic molecule that isobtained by ultra purifying and concentrating one of the many bioactive compounds found in the astragalus root. “MD” stands for Molecular Dispersion technology which is the advanced delivery technology used in drug and nutritional supplement manufacturing to improve the effectiveness of an active molecule. MD enhances bioavailability by increasing the absorption rate of the TA-65® molecule in the human body.

What we lose with Age?

Scientific research has discovered that a primary cause of aging is shortening telomeres – the protective end-caps of DNA at both ends of every chromosome. You can fight telomere shortening with diet and exercise, but only up to a point. But now, you can fight it with telomerase activation.Telomerase is an enzyme that can add DNA repeats to chromosomes and actually grow back telomere length. And now, you can activate your body’s own natural telomerase with TA-65®, the world’s first proven telomerase activator!


The Health Benefits Behind TA-65

Several scientific studies have already proven the effectiveness of TA-65, but now for the first time, we have a broader view of the possibilities of this magic pill. Conducted by researchers at the TA-65 Doctor blog, the present study included 246 participants (54% male and 46% female, aged 30-94) from 11 countries.
Each study participant completed a confidential survey questionnaire provided by TA-65 Doctor about the subjective changes noticed after taking the TA-65 telomerase activator

Preliminary results.jpg

Improvement shown in 108 subjects taking TA-65 LESS than 6 months, compared to improvements reported in 138 subjects taking TA-65 MORE than 6 months

To read more about the health benefits behind TA-65 »

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to four (4) capsules daily, or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.
TA-65®  should be taken on an empty stomach, either in the morning (one hour before eating or taking other nutritional supplements) or evening before bedtime (at least two hours after eating). Dosage can also be divided between morning and evening.
It is recommended to take a two week break approximately every three months. Then start the three month cycle again. After every two week break, you can start taking TA-65® MD at the same dose you took prior to the break. Or you can choose to start at the lowest dose again, if you feel any discomfort.

TA-65 Dosing Guideline

Low dose: When you start taking TA-65®
MD, begin at the low dose of 250 units (1 capsule) each day.
Is efficacious for healthy adults in their 40′s or 50′s. Also 250 units can serve as a maintenance dose for older people who have been taking higher doses of TA-65 for several years and want to continue on a reduced cost program. Clients who took this dose were shown to have increased short telomere length and significantly improved immune system function. There are also anecdotal reports of increased endurance and other benefits.

Medium dose: For a medium dose, take 500 units (2 capsules) each day. This should start after taking the lowest dose (1 capsule) for at least 8 days.
Has been proven to lengthen short telomeres, restore the immune system, and improve other important bio markers. Anecdotal reports included increased energy, endurance, vision improvements, sexual enhancement, and more. This medium strength dose is recommended for people who are generally in good health and want to be proactive in longevity and healthy aging. Many people in their 50′s or 60′s fall into this category.

High dose: After you take the medium dose for at least 8 days, increase the dose to 1,000 units (4 capsules) each day. Capsules can be taken together or divided between two capsules in the morning and evening.  This is considered the HIGH DOSE and is recommended for clients who are:
1.Over 70 years of age, or
2.Are of any age and have measured their telomeres and found them to be short, or
3.Have reason to believe that strengthening their immune system would have particular benefit.
It is expected that this dose will give an increased benefit over the lower doses (although not a proportional benefit). Study subjects experienced lengthened telomeres, restoration of weak immune systems, bone density improvements and other important bio marker improvements which usually decline with age. Anecdotal reports include energy increase, endurance, cognitive improvements, improved vision, sexual enhancement, and an overall feeling of well-being

The maximum safe dosage of this supplement has not been determined.
This product is recommended to people over 25 years old. For pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease, please consult your physician prior to use.
Side effects should not occur with any of the suggested doses; yet, people may respond differently to the same dosing level. Dosage adjustments should be made based on the body’s response to nutrient consumption.
An upset stomach may occur when taken on an empty stomach. If this happens, TA-65® MD can be taken with food.

Drug Interactions:
We recommend that you take TA-65®  at least 1 hour before/after you take other nutritional supplements or medicine.
Consult with your physician before taking TA-65® if you have serious ailments.
*Statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Keep out of reach of children.This product can be stored at normal room temperature at 15-30C (59-86F). Protect from heat, light and moisture.

Chromosome-Telomeres-end caps.jpgTelomere is the repetitive DNA sequence at each end of chromosome. Telomeres are responsible for maintaining the integrity of our DNA. They play an essential role in cellular division and aging. Every human cell contains 92 telomeres, or biological ticking clocks. Each and every time our cells divide, these telomeres get shorter. When one becomes critically short, the cell either stops functioning properly or dies.
Telomerase is an enzyme that maintains the telomeres in order to prevent cell death. The gene producing the telomerase is usually turned off in most cells. When the telomerase gene is activated, it resembles a molecular motor and adds new DNA onto the ends of telomeres, thus lengthening short telomeres.
TA-65®  is a telomerase activator, which has the ability to activate the telomerase genes to create the telomerase. When taken orally, TA-65 first circulates in the bloodstream and then enters aging cells to activate the telomerase enzyme. This causes the telomeres to grow longer and helps cells continue to divide and proliferat

Clinical Studies:
Shorter telomere length has been linked to a variety of degenerative disorders, including high levels of inflammatory markers, estrogen deficiency, cancer, and arteriosclerosis In 2005, TA-65®  was launched as a dietary supplement to maintain telomere length and inhibit accelerated aging. Researchers found that no adverse events were related to supplementation and that it significantly lengthened critically short telomeres and immune system.5  A study found that TA-65®  is able to increase telomere length and decrease DNA damage by activating the telomerase enzyme. It has been shown to improve health factors in female mice without increasing cancer risks. These health benefits include skin improvements, bone health, and insulin balance.6  Researchers have found that reactivation of the telomerase enzyme in adult male mice reversed tissue pathologies, which rejuvenates aging tissue.

Why not simply buy a medicinal plant extract in a health food store?
Medicinal plant extracts can be found in most health food stores, but such products contain little or no TA-65. We tested four commonly available medicinal plant extracts and none of them contained any measureable amounts of TA-65 (the test assay is accurate to one part per million). Our proprietary production process starts with three tons of plant material and ends up with capsules that we guarantee contain 5mg of TA-65.

Please note: You should always consult a primary care physician/health practitioner of choice when considering the use of any products for health purposes, especially when undergoing treatment for an existing condition.

Warning: If you have or you think you may have any serious disease, consult your health care practitioner before using this product. For adults only; not to be taken by people under 25 years of age.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or healthcare professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication.

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TA-65 (100 Units) 30 Capsules
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TA-65 (100 Units) 30 Capsules
Unique product! Have noticed improvements in immune function and most notable is the total absence of pain! I had struggled with shoulder pain for 7 years and have been totally free of it since taking this!



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