Why the ILHWA brand?

If you are looking for quality and potency in the ginseng you buy, there is simply no other brand like ILWHA. The premium variety of ginseng roots and the processing technique used at ILHWA makes its products a cut above other ginseng brands.

ILHWA America was founded in 1975, with the long range goal to ‘Make America Healthy’ through its high quality Korean Ginseng products. Working towards this goal, ILHWA continues to manufacture, distribute and represent the brand with highest reputation for quality, and a promise of guaranteed consumer satisfaction.

ILHWA sets high standards beginning with the ingredients used in its products. The ginseng products at ILHWA are exclusively made from 4.5 – 5.5 year old, fresh, whole Korean roots chosen and harvested at the optimal level for power and efficacy. ILHWA has mastered this selection process for the last 30 years. Younger roots are not used because the ginsenosides develop only in the 4th and 5th year in the ginseng roots. At ILHWA, we utilize a ‘whole root’ extraction rather than the ‘standardized’ extraction to retain the best and the most of the goodness of ginseng.

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Ginseng Processing- the ILHWA way

Ginseng is a sensitive natural food that requires special handling and care. ILHWA is dedicated to creating natural ginseng products of superior quality. In order to preserve the essential, vital elements of the ginseng root, ILHWA developed and patented a special process to extract the ginseng root at low temperatures.

The ginseng concentrate made from ILHWA’s unique processing technique is ‘alive’ with active B vitamins, trace minerals (42), ginsenosides and 14 saponins that have health enhancing effects on the body.
Unlike other ginseng brands, the ILHWA extraction process utilizes a ‘1 time only extraction’ so that the resultant products do not have the ‘bad’ or ‘bunt’ taste that is common in other ginseng products.

All ILWHA products guarantee quality, making sure that our consumers get the best of the ginseng root!

ILHWA has the ISO 9001 certification and has been qualified to attach Korea National Tourism Organization's certification mark, which recognizes products that can be represented for their unique value as a Korean tourist souvenir.

Ginseng Processing- the ILHWA way: White Ginseng Extract superior to Red Ginseng Extract
Ginseng is a sensitive natural food that requires special handling and care. ILHWA is dedicated to creating natural ginseng products of superior quality. In order to preserve the essential, vital elements of the ginseng root, ILHWA developed and patented a special process to extract the Ginseng root at low temperatures

Ginsenoside Balance - Growth and Harvesting of Ginseng Roots
The miraculous effect of Korean Ginseng on overall health and bringing the body into balance comes from a broad range of ginsenosides which have different effects on the body in synergy with all the other components.

High quality Red Ginseng is normally processed from 6 year old roots.  Ilhwa science discovered that the 6 year harvested roots are too old and the root has become fibrous with lower density and balance of the ginsenosides plus the other key ingredients like phenols and polysacharides are reduced. This is a problem as Ginsenosides are the unique active ingredients of Ginseng each having a unique effect on the body.

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ILHWA uses the highest quality Ginseng harvested at the optimal time at 4 or 5 years to obtain the broadest range and balance of ginsenosides. 

Use of Whole Roots plus Rootlets
Ilhwa processes the entire root plus all rootlets.  Most companies processing ginseng will peel the roots.  Peeling saves time, however the rootlets contain key ingredients in particular ginsenosides.
Ilhwa takes the longer process of non peeling to obtain the most efficacious end product.

No High Heat Steaming preserves ingredients
Most other Ginseng companies process Ginseng into Red Ginseng using a high steaming process which although it is a faster process, it destroys the vitamins and the Germanium and reduces the amino acids and polysacharides.

Ilhwa uses a proprietary low heat vacuum extraction.     
The Ilhwa proprietary low heat vacuum extraction process of eliminates boiling, steaming and high heat.  As a result, ILHWA White Ginseng Extract maintains all of the key ingredients. ILHWA retains most of the amino acids, vitamins and which are lost in other types of preparations. It is this optimum balance of all the ingredients which makes Ilhwa Ginseng so powerful.

The ginseng concentrate made from ILHWA’s unique processing technique is ‘alive’ with active B vitamins, (15) Amino Acids, (42) trace minerals, (36) ginsenosides that have health enhancing effects on the body.

Most critically, ILHWA White Ginseng Extract and Ginex Granules retain the optimum amount of Germanium which is considered by many researchers and medical professionals to be the worlds most effective natural blood cleanser. As an organic mineral, Germanium is eliminated during the high steam heating in the processing of Red Ginseng.

Increasing Ginsenosides - beyond amount found in Red Ginseng
Initiallly White Ginseng has less ginsenosides than the high heat steam processed Red Ginseng.   However, Ilhwa developed its own proprietary low heat technology to extract White ginseng so effectively that they were able to increase the ginesenoside content of Ilhwa White Ginseng extract to an even greater amount than Red Ginseng extract.   Because of the low heat and the use of the rootlets the Ilhwa White Ginseng extract concentrate has more Ginsenosides, sometimes 2-3 time more Ginsenosides than Red Ginseng extract concentrate.

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In summary
As a result of growing and harvesting at the optimal time, maintaining the main root and Alle rootlets without peeling, eliminating boiling, steaming and high heat, ILHWA White Ginseng Extract retains most of the amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides which are lost in other types of preparations.   The proprietary and patented extraction process employed by Ilhwa also increases the overall Ginsenoside content compared to Red Ginseng extract.  Ilhwa’s growth and harvesting strategy obtains the best ginsenoside balance. 
This optimum combination makes Ilhwa Ginseng Extract and Ginex the world’s most effective ginseng.

This is why Ilhwa is used and trusted by health care professionals world wide. 

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